Built on a solid foundation

Black Forest Academy is home to over 300 students on 2 campuses in and around beautiful Kandern, Germany.

Our Main Campus is centrally located in Kandern. This is where our high school, gym and performing auditorium are located, as well as the support offices for some of the administrative needs at our Middle School, which is located in nearby Sitzenkirch.

We’re blessed to have a working partnership with the Christliche Schule Kandern (CSK), a bilingual elementary school located in Wollbach. CSK is operated by the Freie Evangelische Schule (FES), in partnership with BFA.


BFA Main Campus

Main Campus :: Kandern, Germany

  • 27 classrooms
  • 3 science laboratories
  • 3 art studios
  • Graphic Arts room
  • 5 private music studios
  • Choir room
  • Library
  • Home Economics center
  • Gymnasium
  • Outdoor multi-purpose court
  • Weight room
  • Student center
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Auditorium

Middle School Campus :: Sitzenkirch (Kandern), Germany

BFA students in grades 5-8 have quick access to many of the facilities at our Main Campus, in addition to an onsite library and fitness area. BFA offers a bus service twice a day between the main Kandern campus and the Middle School in Sitzenkirch, roughly 3 km away.


Christliche Schule Kandern (CSK) :: Wollbach (Kandern), Germany

In 2009, BFA and FES of Lörrach partnered to form Germany’s first Christian bilingual school. BFA offers a bus service twice a day between the main Kandern campus and CSK in Wollbach, which is roughly 4 km away.

Students at CSK learn in a bilingual and bicultural environment. Each grade is taught by experienced German-speaking and English-speaking teachers. Students learn to read and write in their mother tongue first and then these skills are introduced in the partner language.

You can contact CSK directly by phone ( +49 (0) 7626-211-6364) or email ( @ CSK).

Globally Minded

From our partnership with FES and CSK to our High School AP curriculum, our education model demonstrates our desire to make global thinking work wherever you are. We’re thankful to welcome students and families from around the world into our community, and we’re grateful to call such a welcoming German community here in the Black Forest region our home.