Off-Campus Students

Our commitment to excellence in education extends beyond our campus. If you are not currently on our campus, you can still study with us through one of the over 90 courses offered online through our partnership with Sevenstar. We’d encourage you to contact us to see how we can help you with your future today.

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Course Catalog

On-Campus Students

If you are a current, on-campus student at BFA, you should contact the Guidance Office to find out more details about available courses. There may be more options for AP and Dual-Credit courses.

High School Electives

ACT Prep
American Government
Basic Bible Doctrines (1 & 2)
Chinese (1 & 2)
Computing for College and Career
Critical Thinking and Study Skills: Prepare for the SAT
Digital Photography
Earth and Space Science
Forensic Science (1 & 2)
Global Studies
Game Design
Latin (1, 2 & 3)
Life Shaping Decisions
Marine Science
Mobile App Programming
Psychology (1)
Social Problems (1 & 2)

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses

AP Art History
AP Computer Science
AP Principles of Macro-Economics
AP Principles of Micro-Economics
AP U.S. Government and Politics
AP World History

Dual-Credit Electives
via Taylor University

Successful completion of a dual-credit course earns 3 college credits.

Principles of Micro-Economics
General Psychology
Introductory Astronomy with Lab
Social Problems