We live here

Living at Black Forest Academy

The decision a family makes to benefit from a boarding school is never easy, and rarely simple. We know how important your children are, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to have helped hundreds of families throughout the years.

We take our responsibility to provide the best possible care to your children seriously, and recognize how important their home life is to their academic, social, and even spiritual development.

While it’s never easy to be away from home, we want to make that separation as positive an experience as possible.

Parents, what to expect

Day in the Life: Questions answered by Res Life Staff

Living Community

Our student residences are located in and around the numerous pastoral villages that make up Kandern, Germany.

Building Fellowship

Each residence builds a distinct identity through house traditions, weekly dorm fellowship times, and special celebrations throughout the school year.

Modeling Relationships

Dorm life strives to emulate an atmosphere that encourages and stimulates good interpersonal relationships and acceptance of others.

Our Dorm Parents and RAs are actively involved
in nurturing and mentoring the students.