Support Raising

We want (you) to be here.

Whether you’re a grizzled veteran of missions, or still just trying to figure out which way is up, we want to help you be where you want to be. We’ve been called by God, and in our goal to practice good stewardship, we’re mindful of how we communicate with our supporters. These tools are specifically meant to help you do so in an effective manner. Please exercise respect and thoughtfulness as you consider how you can best utilize these resources.

Photos are an easy way to help people connect with your visual communications. You can use these photos in your presentations, blogs, or any tool you might create to tell people about what you’re doing here at the school.

Please try to avoid using images of students that you know. These are meant to be representative of BFA, not used to tell stories about specific individuals.

Videos are great companions when presenting to a group. Above are just a few of the videos we’ve created to help our staff connect with churches and supporters. You can grab the links to the videos above, or browse our videos on Youtube.

Powerpoint Templates

We’d like to help you get started on your presentation materials, and what better way to begin than with a template. You’ll want to edit this template to reflect your specific needs. You can delete slides that don’t apply to you, and add according to your needs. It’s always nice when you can use your own photos, but don’t forget about our photo library in case you need some school photos to round things out.

If you don’t own PowerPoint, and don’t want to, then you can download OpenOffice for free. It works similarly, and opening our PowerPoint template will work just fine in OpenOffice.

 PowerPoint Template

Video Templates

Adobe, the makers of some of the worlds most powerful image and video processing software, has recently released an exciting, easy-to-use, and free video presentation creation app for the iPad: Adobe Voice. By following their clear in-app instructions and tutorials, anyone can create a powerful and concise video presentation. Consider using Adobe Voice to narrate a ministry slideshow, or follow their tutorial to create a clear summary of your ministry goals and needs.

Check out Adobe Voice for iPad

Newsletter Resources

Newsletters can be treated in a few ways. Your best solution will be based on your audience. Most solutions include an email service, and among them, MailChimp gets the most attention. It’s free, it has lots of features, is easy to use with lots of how-to and templates to get you going, and… right, it’s free. Well, it’s free unless you have more than 2000 subscribers. For most of us, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Just so that it doesn’t look like we’re sponsored by MailChimp, another option is Constant Contact. Theirs is a paid service. There are others around as well, and it’s your choice.