Black Forest Academy provides opportunities for all students to thrive in their education. We design a path for any student who needs extra help learning, whether it’s a language barrier, a learning disability, or an emotional disorder.

Our staff will work to find the best approach for each individual, because we want to see every student succeed.

Explore our specialized student support services by clicking on the tabs below.

Asian Care Services

The Asian Care department works with BFA school and residence staff to care for Asian students, and to assist Asian parents with the education of their children in an English-language setting.

Staff Training

Attention is given to helping BFA staff gain a greater understanding of the Asian culture and in providing translation services between staff and the parents of our Asian students.

Services Provided

The department also directs services specifically to the Asian students by helping them explore college options, including educational requirements in their passport countries and elsewhere; providing personal counseling that is culturally sensitive; visiting students in the dorm; and organizing social events for Asian students.

Counseling Services

The counseling department offers individual and family counseling to BFA students of all grade levels.

The mission of BFA Counseling Services is:

  • to ensure that Christian care is provided for students who need personalized attention beyond the capabilities or energies of their normal care givers.
  • to provide biblical counseling for students struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and/or other emotional concerns that are common during the adolescent years.
  • to provide a nurturing environment for students who are struggling with behavioral issues.
  • to train and equip other BFA staff members in providing excellent biblical counseling.
  • to coordinate and facilitate additional care of students.
  • to provide supervision to ensure the integrity of the care given.

Discovery Program

The Discovery Program is designed to meet the specific needs of students who have been classified with a developmental delay or a specific learning disability. Rather than receiving tutoring or learning strategies to compensate for their areas of weakness, the Discovery Program provides intense language-based educational therapy that targets areas of weakness in memory, attention, auditory and visual processing, visual-motor skills, oral and written language, reading, spelling, and math. The educational therapy program is designed to improve academic performance and to enable students to become independent learners.

Receiving Educational Therapy

Students receiving educational therapy meet in a one-on-one setting for 80 minutes twice a week in addition to their regular classes. High school students receive ½ credit each year for their work in the program. Educational therapists work closely with classroom teachers to monitor student progress and to suggest accommodations that will enable the students to achieve greater levels of success in their classes. Parents and residence staff play a key role in the educational therapy process by providing encouragement for the students, monitoring progress, supervising homework, and meeting with the educational therapists on a regular basis.


All educational therapists are trained by the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD).

BFA is a member school of NILD.

English Language Learning (ELL/EAL)

Support is available for those students whose first language or previous language of instruction is not English. Students may be evaluated to determine their need. The school provides a range of services (from tutoring for specific classes to intense English language instruction), according to an individual student’s needs.

Students normally receive this help individually or in small groups during a scheduled class period, and they continue to receive assistance until they are able to function successfully in their mainstream classes without the special help of the ELL program.

Resource Room

The Resource Room program provides regularly scheduled supplemental instruction for middle school and high school students needing curricular support. These services include remedial instruction in basic skills (reading, spelling, math), study and organizational skills, test taking, reading comprehension, and memory strategies. Students may be referred for supplemental instruction by parents, the guidance office, classroom teachers, ELL teachers, or Discovery Program staff. Typically, students will attend the resource room during their study halls. The number of meeting times per week will be determined based on student need and availability of the Resource Room teacher.

How can my student benefit?

A student who is struggling in one or more subjects can benefit from finding a learning style (visual, kinesthetic, auditory) that best fits their individual need. This can be determined through a simple learning style test which helps them recognize how they retain information best. Once this has been determined, relevant strategies (color-coding, lists, role-playing) are used during resource time to assist the student in developing habits that support their personal learning style.

Speech and Language Therapy

Students who demonstrate difficulty with speech (articulation), language, voice or fluency may be evaluated to determine the need for this service. Individualized programs are developed for the students who need help.

Students benefiting from this program receive two 30-minute sessions per week, usually in a small group. The speech and language pathologist works closely with the students’ teachers to help in the achievement of the program goals.