These are their stories.

We sent all 5 of our kids to BFA. We are so thankful for the education that BFA provided for our children. In our work, we train pastors, proclaim the Gospel through radio and lead local women’s groups. Each of us has our own set of hands, yet we are all involved in the same work: getting the Gospel out to the last to be reached people. We are so thankful for BFA and its link to our work here through providing such a great education and caring environment for our children.

Family Serving in Burkina Faso (Africa)

As the director for our mission in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is critical that I live and work within the culture of my team. When our children needed a different school environment BFA was able to meet our needs. Literally, BFA helped us stay on the field and allowed us to provide our children just what they needed…a quality education.

Family Serving in Europe

As Christian workers, if BFA had not been here we would have had to go back to the States. This was a service that was designed for families like ours. It has a ripple effect, not just for Christian workers and their families, but everyone that our work reaches.

Family church-planting in Germany

Black Forest Academy has been a priceless blessing to our family. We have no options for an English education for our kids in our city. The closest English language school with any educational integrity is almost 3 hours away and costs almost $30,000 per year per child with no options for boarding. Homeschool would have been our only option and when we looked at the academic, social and spiritual needs of our teenagers, we found BFA to be the solution we were praying for to help our kids get all that they needed and allow us to continue to serve here.

Family Serving in Eastern Europe

 I always said I’d never send my child to a boarding school But our oldest had learning disabilities, and I couldn’t do any more for her. So we really prayed about it, and one day she came to us and said ‘I think I’d really like to go to BFA’. The Lord showed me this is where she needs to be, and He changed my heart. We are so grateful for BFA.

Family Serving in Slovenia